Growth only happens when the foundation is strong

Equinox Five (E5) was realized to balance growth with the values and principles necessary to maintain integrity.  The model was molded and imbedded in all the subsidiaries.  The end result has been substantial organic growth in the E5 family and a wide open door for opportunity in the IT community.  Since its beginning, several merger and acquisitions have taken place.  Along the way,  E5 has deployed traditional M & A models and out-of-the-box thinking M & A models to help any IT company see their end liquidity event.   



An IT company doesn't have to become obsolete in the ever changing technology world.  It also doesn't have to continue to create debt to sell more service or run the back office operations. Sometimes life even calls you to a different place and you don't want to abandon your employees or customers.   Reboot was created for these scenarios.  Life is too short to carry that burden.  E5 has brought more than one such company under its wing to alleviate that stress.  We help you eventualize your intended end result while maintain the meaning and value you built in your business.  LEARN MORE


Milestone program

Sometimes the climb surprises you in the growth of your business.  You have your current business value, but your timeline is closing in to reach that end liquidity goal.  Anxiety is creeping in because your life plan involves you hitting dollar amount X in Timeline Y.  Deep breath....We created this program to meet you where you are.  We help you reach that $$ amount you need bigger, better, faster while you maintain 100% ownership of your historical business.  We help you settle on your end liquidity amount, escalate your timeline to get there, and have a pre-agreed upon price to buy you at that time.  All your work....DONE in one snap and no more stress.  LEARN MORE